In Response To Far Right Extremism, Twitter Suspends Those Who Report Far Right Extremism

The Twitter account of our lead Moderator and Editor, John O'Connell - @jdpoc - has just been suspended by Twitter.

A review of today's timeline shows nothing other than reporting on the Rise in Far Right Terrorism, in the light of the horrific terrorist attack in New Zealand

Well, Social Media companies did say they would react to the events in NZ ... just didn't expect this kind of reaction.

It looks like the reason might be that we quoted someone word for word, and they complained. That person appears to be Candace Owens of Far Right Extremist Group 'Turning Point USA'. You might recall that Owen defended Hitler, saying he was just 'Making Germany Great Again', a reported orld wide a few weeks ago. But as is often the case, she has a blue tick, and the account holder @jdpoc doesn't.

Here's the original post ...

And this was Candace Owens' angry original statement ...

It genuinely appears that Twitter's response to Far Right Extremism on Social Media ... is to SUSPEND those who report on Far Right Extremism on Social Media.