Poland - Disgusting Far Right Polish Newspaper - 'How To Recognize A Jew'

A Far Right Polish newspaper has ran a disgusting front page article this week telling its readers “how to recognize a Jew.” The national weekly Talk Polska, or Only Poland, ran the article next to its featured story as reported by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

The “how to recognize a Jew” article lists “names, anthropological features, expressions, appearances, character traits, methods of operation” and even “disinformation activities” that the newspaper is purporting can be used to 'identify a Jewish person'. The text also reads ...
How to defeat them? This cannot go on!
The Telegraphic Agency noted the paper is published by nationalist political candidate Leszek Bubl who is both Antisemitic and Islamophobic. It's distributed at Poland’s Lower Parliament, the Sejm. It immediately sparked criticism among lawmakers. Director of the Sejm Information Center Andrzej Grzegrzolka said the center was requesting that the paper be removed.

Europe has been dealing with rash of Anti-Semitism in recent years. According to a European Union study released in December, more than one in three European Jews has considered leaving their home amid rising safety concerns.

Poland, alongside Hungary and even Italy, has openly resuscitated tropes and myths straight from Hitler's 1930s Germany.

The three nations are fast becoming the next Axis.