Some Approved Comments On An Official Tory Facebook Page

Evolve Politics have gained access into a Pro-Boris Johnson Facebook Group in which members ...
regularly spout despicable antisemitic conspiracy theories, openly joke about ‘bombing Mosques’, revel in ‘shooting immigrants’, and call black people and immigrants “wogs“, “Muzrat blacks” and “ragheads“.
And it's run by actual Tory officials ...
Among the people running the Group are a current, serving Tory Councillor in Wellingborough, Martyn York (Moderator), and a failed Conservative Party Council candidate in Newcastle Under Lyme, Dorinda Bailey (Administrator). In addition to these two Tory politicians is another Administrator called David Abbott. Abbott currently serves as an Independent Councillor and is the Deputy Mayor of Houghton Regis.
Here's a selection of comments. It's not pretty. A reminder - the Page is strongly moderated and offensive posts are removed. These are the ones which were approved. 

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