The Brexit'eers Appeal To Patriotism - Of Italy And Poland

Banks, Tice, Farage, Wigmore - Collaborating with Foreign Nations to Fight Democracy.

Remember that Brexit'eers 'Taking Back Control' mantra they repeated ? That' hat's happening in Parliament right now - elected MPs deciding on Brexit.

And one of the options is to extend the Article 50 Deadline, a vote hich will take place tonight.

The Brexit'eers reponse ? Borderline Treason.

The Unelected UkipLeave.EU's Richard Tice, Nigel Farage and Arron Banks (with his mini-me, Andy Wigmore are all lobbying their Far Right allies in Italy and Poland to VETO any EU Agreement to extend A50. This is AGAINST a likely request from their own Government, a probable decision by an elected Parliament.

Isn't that Treason ? 'Taking Back Control and giving it to other Countries' ?

Brexit'eers are now officially resorting to collaborating with Foreign Nations to fight the wishes of the elected British Parliament.

In the 19th Century, those guilty of this type of act would be given a loaded pistol and 5 minutes of privacy.