The Reason For The Silence On Israel

In the recent AntiSemitism debates in both the UK and as much so in the USA, what has been forgotten, is Israel itself. Many wonder if this may even be intentional.

Discussion about Israel's government and policies is being shut down, in a climate of casual labelling.

In full expectation of being tagged as AntiSemitic, let's examine what Israel now is. But first, a reminder of what it once was but is no longer.

Historically, Israel has - quite rightly so - held fast to the moral high ground.

It is a nation formed by the survivors of the Holocaust, an event over which Europe still shares institutional and genetic guilt.

It is a nation which is surrounded by enemies intent on it's destruction, who for decades, until the demise of the USSR, were funded, supported, and given weapons by the Soviets.

It is a nation which has been repeatedly invaded, often simultaneously, by those same enemies during the Six-Day War in 1967, and the October War in 1973, both times fighting valiantly despite often being outnumbered from 8-to-1 up to 20-to-1 in some places.

It is a nation which has held the mostly barren Golan Heights since 1967, specifically to deny it's use as a springboard for yet another Syrian invasion.

It is a nation which held the Gaza Strip - again mostly, or at least initially, for security reasons - but disengaged from it in 2005.

It is a nation which in 1967 retook the West Bank, invaded and illegally annexed by Jordan in 1948, an invasion which was condemned by all - except Britain, Iraq and Pakistan.

It is a nation which, when on the receiving end of Iraqi Scud Missiles designed to provoke a retaliation, gritted their teeth and chose not to.

Generally, Israel has had a firm grip on that Moral High Ground and its reliance on the USA for arms and support has wholly depended on that strategic legitimacy. At the same time, its political legitimacy has been based on it's status as a functioning liberal democracy. They were always the guys in the white hats.

When it loses that moral position, and ceases to be seen abroad as a democracy, it loses all. It imperils the political support from America without which they cannot survive, economically or militarily.

And that legitimacy has evaporated.

The UN Human Rights Council established the international Independent Commission of Inquiry with a mandate to investigate all violations and abuses of humanitarian law and human rights law in Occupied Palestinian Territories, including East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, and to report thereon to the Council at its fortieth session. And its report is damning.

A nation which intentionally murders 189 Palestinians including children, the disabled, journalists & paramedics - and injures 6,106 - no longer has any legitimacy as a democracy.

Israel has failed to become true to what they have always claimed to be. They are now leaning on their political lobby in the USA ... and increasingly finding out it isn’t there anymore.

So why isn't the world up in arms over this ? Because debate over issues such as these is now virtually impossible in any public forum. Any mere mention of Israel's government and policies is being shut down, in a climate of casual labelling.

Which is why you may not have read recently of the increase in Far Right Wing Groups in Israel.

Or the cozy working relationship between increasingly 'Racist-Nationalist' Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Otsma Yehudit - a Far Right Group described as no more than 'Israel's KKK' - or the political wing 'Yamin Hadash' or 'New Right'.

Yes, that's correct : a form of Fascism is on the rise in Israel. Astonishing.

It is the same reason you've not read much about the increasing closer ties with Donald Trump, a man who inspires, excuses and defends actual Neo Nazi groups in America.

Did you miss the links between Israel and Extremist Right Wings groups in USA ? Of course you did.

You also probably didn't spot the new alliances between Israel and very Right Wing Governments in Europe - Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Poland,

Yes - even Poland, who have spent the last two years trying to rewrite the history of the Holocaust to reapportion the blame.

It's also, of course, why you probably haven't heard about the multiple Criminal Charges for Fraud, Bribery and Corruption that Benjamin Netanyahu faces, after a 57 page indictment was published last week, which as night follows day, he calls a 'Witch Hunt'.

I wonder where we've heard that one before.

If we allow casual - and often false - accusations of AntiSemitism to deflect our highlighting of such a growth of a new Fascism in Israel, we fail in our duty.

It seems, from some quarters, that any criticism of the current Israeli government, leadership and policies, is so rapidly dismissed as AntiSemitism, that it has become a tag which has been weaponised, a tag which many fear, a tag which is used to stifle criticism.

And this is often from those who pretend to advocate 'Free Speech'.