The Worst PM - and The Most Chaotic Government - In Living Memory

Brexit, tonight - The Tories Brexit Minister made the case for a Bill ... then voted personally against it.

Then the Tories Whips told their MPs to vote one way ... then personally voted the other way. Although Chief Whip Julian Smith abstained, his deputy Chris Pincher voted against the PM, with most of the senior whips.
Is there anything in this Tory Party, from PM down to Junior Ministers, to Whips, that actually functions as it's supposed to ?

A total of eight Cabinet ministers - Steve Barclay, Alun Cairns, Liam Fox, Chris Grayling, Andrea Leadsom, Penny Mordaunt, Lis Truss and Gavin Williamson, plus 188 Tory MPs in total - voted against PM's motion to delay Brexit - close to two thirds of all her MPs.
Can anyone point to a Minister who has a handle on their Department, or Position ?

No. Not a one.

We have in effect a PM not in control of either her Cabinet, her Whips, or her Party, and a Government not in control of the Nation, 
with no Direction or idea which way to proceed.

We have in effect a PM ho i dancing to the tune of a minority party, the DUP and a minority *within* a party, the ERG.

There has never, ever been a clearer case for a General Election in recent memory.