UK Government To Air Adverts Explaining No Deal Brexit

The head of the Civil Service has revealed that TV adverts are to be aired to explain the implications of a No-Deal Brexit to the public. Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill has said the communication campaign has been approved by the Constitutional Affairs Select Committee.

Which is quite strange ... because the Government has already explained the implications of a No-Deal Brexit to the public.

In an official document only published 3 days ago, after repeated demands by the former Conservative MP Anna Soubry, the government revealed its estimates the UK economy could be 9% weaker in the long run, businesses in Northern Ireland might go bust and food prices will increase.

The government also revealed it was behind on contingency planning for a third of “critical projects” in relation to business and trade.

The latest Official No-Deal Forecast states ...

  • The economy would be 6%-9% smaller over the next 15 years than it otherwise might have been, in the event of no deal, in line with Bank of England forecasts.
  • The flow of goods through Dover would be “very significantly reduced for months”.
  • With 30% of food coming from the EU, prices are likely to increase and there is a risk that panic buying might create shortages.
  • Only six of the 40 planned international trade agreements have been signed.

The document was published just hours after Theresa May was forced to promise two key votes, allowing MPs the option to reject no deal and to potentially delay Brexit for a short period, following pressure from remain-minded cabinet ministers.

So, we already know what No Deal will look like. Maybe the Government should save their money.