Yaxley-Lennon Sued For Libel - The Process Begins

In what is turning out to be a REALLY bad weekend for all those Far Right, today Steven Yaxley-Lennon - aka Tommy Robinson - has been officially served with legal papers over 'defamation' of an attacked Syrian refugee. A pre-action letter was personally delivered to his home address.

It comes not long after his Facebook account was zapped, and just seven days after his failed 'PanoDrama' event in Salford last Saturday. It's been a bad week for 'Tommy'.

Lawyers representing a Syrian boy who was attacked at school have served a legal letter at Tommy Robinson’s home in an attempt to sue him for defamation.

Members of the public donated £10,300 for legal action against the anti-Islam activist after he posted a series of videos and Facebook posts about the incident in October.

Footage of the 15-year-old victim being pushed to the ground and having water poured on his face sparked outrage, and police continue to investigate the incident in Huddersfield.

Solicitor Tasnime Akunjee told The Independent ...
Our submission is that Mr Robinson, in tandem with Facebook, engaged in defamation of our client.
The lawyer said the family were not demanding a specific amount of compensation, but that the case was in “unique territory” because of the teenager’s young age and the claims “being repeated numerous times across the world”.

The papers were dropped off by YouTuber Dick Coughlan, who reported on the process.

Lawyers hope to use part of the crowdfunded money to “penetrate the veil surrounding Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s finances” to ensure compensation can be sought if the lawsuit succeeds.

The latest threat of legal action comes as the attorney general decides whether to launch new proceedings against Mr Robinson over alleged contempt of court that saw him jailed last year.