Anti-Racists Celebrate As Fascist Tommy Robinson Faces Re-Trial

Fascist Tommy Robinson will now face another trial over his alleged contempt of court over his filming around a highly sensitive criminal trial. His actions could have put the case at risk. Anti-racists are celebrating the decision for him to face trial. He will now be back at the Old Bailey on 4 and 5 July and could face a two year sentence.

Robinson used his latest appearance at the Old Bailey as another promotional stunt, in the midst of his attempt to be elected as an MEP in the North West of England. Once again he was allowed a big screen outside the court to promote his cause alongside other racists and fascists.

Robinson’s campaign has been met with opposition in towns and cities across the North West and he will face a “weekend of action” this Saturday and Sunday, which is being supported by trade unions, MP’s and MEP’s, and faith groups.

Weyman Bennett from Stand Up To Racism said ...

"Robinson is out to promote his racist message and to bring his thugs onto the streets to intimidate and threaten those who oppose him. Anti-racists will not allow Robinson to inherit the seat once held by Nazi BNP leader Nick Griffin."

Julie Sherry from Stand Up to Racism commented ...

"We are going all out to make sure that Robinson is defeated on 23 May. Let’s hope his summer is topped off by him doing a deservedly long stretch after his next Old Bailey appearance."