For Theresa May, A Requiem, But No Tears From Anyone Except Herself

Theresa May will be very soon forgotten. Having achieved nothing, such will be her legacy - Nothing.

A Requiem for Theresa May on her departure: Where Thatcher was borderline megalomaniacal,  divisive and ruthless ... May was just incompetent, overwhelmed and blinkered. Where Thatcher knew exactly what she was doing (and the damage it was causing) May changed her plans as the wind blew.

Theresa May's popularity (via YouGov) peaked the very day after she was elected PM - and has slid to negligible ever since.

She was elected not by the country, who rejected her in 2017, but by the few thousand (mainly) old (mainly) white (mainly) men who comprise what's left of the Tories dwindling membership. She has remained in 'power' via the simple mechanism of purchasing a majority from the DUP - and using our taxpayers money to do so.

Theresa May ignored calls to quit for too long, from the nation, the media, and her own party.

She has achieved precisely nothing - except ... 
  • A Degree in Buying Power in the Commons;
  • A Masters in Losing Commons Votes by Historic Record Margins;
  • Post-Grad Studies in an Unprecedented Number of Cabinet Members Resignations;
  • A Doctorate in Ignoring An Entire Nation Telling Her to Just Go.
But she has soldiered on (that's not always a good thing) on what BBC's John Pienaar called ''a steady diet of faint hope'.

Had she quit 6 months ago she may have walked with some (but not much) integrity. Now, this empty shell of a woman will rightly be consigned to history as one of the most ineffective and incompetent PMs the Tories have ever produced. 

And she was the Tories choice. Their 'great saviour'. Her term in office was one of the shortest in Tories history since 1900 - only beaten by a handful of names no-one remembers.
And so now those same few thousand (mainly) old (mainly) white (mainly) men will again choose our next PM, in a travesty of Democracy.

Something more radical is now required: no deal, a new referendum, or whoever becomes the new Tory leader must let the people decide our country’s future - through an Immediate General Election.

Meanwhile Theresa May will be very soon forgotten. Having achieved nothing, such will be her legacy.


About time.