Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (Tommy Robinson) In Court Again

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon - notoriously known as 'Tommy Robinson' (just one of many of his criminal aliases) appeared at his now regular haunt, the Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court) in London, to face the delayed charges and a new hearing for Contempt of Court.

We've written about this before, notably here where we suggested - rightly - that he may even at some point face further charges, but meanwhile here's a few images from this morning.

A good sized counter-protest, as always. Shouts to everyone who made the effort. Always more vocal than the Yaxley mob - and always more inventive (Yaxley goons know only one 'song' and it has just three words)

Yaxley's spokesperson for the day was knife-carrying convicted kidnapper, Danny 'Tommo', who, not being able to figure out he was using a microphone, was shouting so loud that no-one could understand his rant.

And look who showed up as usual ... with not ONE but THREE new signs ...

I suspect Ezra Levant recognised me but he was gracious enough to answer a few questions. He stated he was here in London to support Yaxley (but not financially ... this time) and that he had brought a team of 6 over from Canada to assist with media. No word on who was paying for it.

And we were amused that Yaxley's Team Vehicle, with the display screen, got a ticket for illegal parking after just 18 minutes. Some City of London Traffic Warden must have walked away smiling. What it is that Yaxley rants? ... "If you can't obey the laws you don't deserve to be in this country" ??

We await to hear news of his case later today.