UKIP's Nonentity Mike Hookem Pitches For Party Leadership

In the Tsunami of 2019 resignations from Ukip, one nonentity official has remained steadfast.

And now we know whyMike Hookem (who he?) will seek the Party Leadership.

Current Ukip Leader Gerard Batten was ''elected'' unopposed in 2018 as Leader - and his term has resulted in the near collapse of the Party, after his close alliances with various Far Right extremist characters, including Incitors of Terrorism, Racist Populists, Rape Apologists and Convicted Kidnappers.

Hooken is of course mostly famous for just two things - maintaining the EU Army Myth - years after it's complete debunk (even hardcore Kippers no longer go there) and punching fellow Ukip'per (then) Steven Woolfe. Remember Steven Woolfe? He was a Candidate for Leadership once, but he failed to fill in the form correctly.

We're actually quite happy about the situation.

If Batten retains leadership, Ukip will continue on it's slow - but inevitable - decline to obscurity, through it's willing embrace of Hatred and Extremism.

Hookem's election would just mean the process is accelerated through not being Extreme Enough for the few remaining Party Faithful.

Yup. Hookem's entire political 'career' is mostly this incident.