Daily Mail Retracts More Lies On AntiSemitism And Terrorism

The Daily Mail has been forced to apologise and pay £120,000 in libel damages after yet another of it's fake stories was busted.

Associated Newspapers, owners of the Daily Mail and Mail Online, made the huge payout to a pro-Palestinian charity after falsely accusing them of supporting antisemitism and implying that they were involved in terrorist activities.

In 2018, the Mail Online published articles accusing Interpal – a non-political charity which provides relief and development aid to Palestinians in need – of supporting a “hate festival” in Gaza in which children acted out the murder of Jewish people.

In truth, Interpal did not fund or support the play in any way and had absolutely no prior knowledge of it.

Ibrahim Hewitt, the Chairman of Interpal’s Trustees, said:
Interpal and the Trustees welcome the decision taken by Associated Newspapers both to apologise formally and pay a suitable sum in damages, in recognition of the gravity of the falsehoods that were published.
The timing and amount of the settlement are particularly noteworthy within the context of the ongoing wider agenda to politicise humanitarian aid to Palestinians.
We hope that this significant success will encourage commentators and others to take seriously their responsibility for reporting unbiased, accurate information to the general public and service providers.
But it seems the Mail Group made no effort to check the veracity of the facts either way, as clearly it made a much better story as it was. Such is the Mail's Editorial Policy.