Farage's (Probably) Illegally Funded Brexit Party

Farage with donor Richard Tice, who gave the Brexit Party so much cash that they made him an MEP.

Poor Nigel's latest cash-raising wheeze - The Brexit Party - has been busted by the Electoral Commission for not bothering to check if its donations are actually legal.

The recent fundraising (the Brexit Party claim) has been from "1000s of small donations" - which are under the £500.00 threshold where the source has to be verified.

But of course, with anonymous online payments, any half-skilled tech with 10 minutes spare can set up a cron* which breaks down massive donations into little £495.00 chunks and sends them out at 30 second intervals. And a distinct possibility for a party ''led'' by a man who previously commanded with a long history of Electoral and Financial Fraud, including the jailing of several of Farage's accomplices. This method is, according to some sources, precisely how the recent Kenyan Election was illegally funded and was rife in India's recent Election.

(*As a mental exercise I just created a 'cron' to do just this. It took me 7 minutes 22 seconds.)

The key issue here is not that the donation sources are unknown ... but that The Brexit Party had no system to check for verified sources, and made a conscious decision not to bother checking, relying on the antiquated £500.00 ceiling - which must surely now be scrapped.

Nigel always finds a way - legal or otherwise - around the rules.

The Electoral Commission said it was "legitimate" for any political party to adopt a fundraising strategy "focused on raising small sums through online payment systems, including PayPal". But it said there was ...
"... a legal duty on parties to check every payment they obtained online to ascertain the source of the donation."
As for those who donated ... you gullible mugs.