Johnson Promotes The Most Undemocratic Policy Move Since 1640

Boris Johnson has said today that he wanted to be the prime minister of a ...
Representative democracy, a great representative democracy in which we believe in our elected representatives to take the right decision.
All the while, stating categorically that he has the right - and the mechanism - to suspend Parliament.

That's right.

A man who no doubt will be elected by a hundred thousand or so mainly old, mainly white, mainly men, calls 'Democratic' the process of suspending a Parliamentary Body, elected by the nation as a whole, simply in order to pass a policy, Brexit, which is the wish of the minority.

Even some eliminated contenders for the Tory crown - including Sajid Javid, Rory Stewart and Michael Gove - have attacked the notion, which could drag the Queen into a constitutional crisis.

The last time that happened was under Charles I in 1640. He dissolved Parliament because he couldn't get his way, after already getting in trouble for doing the very same in 1629And we all know how Charles I ended up

Suspending an elected Parliament is the act of a despot, something we associate with Far Right Dictators.

We may be more civilised these days - but the fury unleashed will be the same.