The BBC Choose To Ignore Islamophobia In Politics

The Muslim Council of Britain has accused the Tory Party of "fundamental failures" in tackling Islamophobia. Its head of public affairs, Miqdaad Versi, said he had seen "hundreds of cases" within the party, "demonstrating the scale of the problem".

When action was taken, he claimed the offending members were "quietly let back into the party".

All political parties have a rough edge on the extremes. Look at Boris Johnson, a documented Islamophobe and Professional Disparager of all cultures and nationalities other than his own, and he could be Prime Minister.

The BBC reports this, of course, but in what balance ? Let's examine the numbers. AntiSemitism in the Labour Party :
  • Actual Reported Cases : 14 (as of 15/5/2019)
  • Usual Result : Expulsion.

And compare to Islamophobia in the Conservative Party :
  • Actual Reported Cases : 'Hundreds'
  • Usual Result : Suspension then Reinstatement after a short period.

And yet, you will note that the BBC's coverage is biased towards the former case by (we estimate) a factor of 90% to 10%. Before you cry 'Whataboutism' ... this is merely a desire for fair, balanced and proportional reporting.

How terrified the Beeb must be of their Tory Paymasters that they continue knowingly to show such documented preference for the Party in Power.

BBC Researchers hard at work investigating Tory Islamophobic Hatred.