The Growing Dangers Of White, Male Online Nazi Forums

Using various online IDs to infiltrate Far Right Online Groups and gain their trust, we've been been 'promoted' and 'vouched for' to join a Neo Nazi Forum which validates people's 'aryan ethnicity' or denounces those 'not qualifying' (by their standards) ... The members and moderators openly discuss the varying methods of terrorism to 'rid the world of the impure'.

In order to comment, you have to provide full data of your own ethnicity. They discuss the 'taxonomy' of races, to protect against 'the poisoning of the white purity'. Here's some of the moderators ...

There is, of course no doubting the politics of the Lead Moderator ...

Their view is that those who don't qualify are 'sub-human', or 'untermensch' .. a word used by German Far Right Party AfD. Nigel Farage's friends.

The forum is hosted on a platform in the USA, but spans worldwide. The host platform has been advised, and we're currently trawling to look for UK members, easily identified - as foolishly, they often use the same avatars on various other platforms, where they're open about their name and location. Well, no-one ever accused them of being very smart.

We have of course passed the details to EuroPol who have passed on to other regional / national authorities, so that each moderator / member can be identified, located and pursued.

(Strangely we noted one identity we'd seen quite a few times before .. which after a few emails, turns out to be a US based AntiFa group ... doing exactly the same thing. Which is good, as we can now 'vouch for' each other for greater access.)

We noted this guy, in London, claims to have a weapons cache ready for 'when the call comes'. Also claims to be researching home-made explosives.

Of course, it could simply be a form of online teen braggadocio - but we'd rather be sure. Opportunities to stop some of the recent US White Supremacist Terrorists were missed - because their family and colleagues thought they were 'just bragging.'

Thanks to this guy using the same avatar (and details) on three separate gaming forums and Facebook, he's been ID'd and details have been passed to the authorities. He's one of many. FRW are currently working to ID the rest.

We're advised that three arrests have taken place over the weekend regarding this matter, in Greece, France, and South Dakota USA, and that others will follow.

The constant, recurring factors in these members and moderators seem to be :

Single; (Well, surprise)

Data has been passed on to other groups for the team effort and we continue to trawl.