About That 'Burning The Union Jack'

You may have seen on social media an image of Anti-Brexit protestors ''burning a Union Jack'' outside Parliament yesterday. It is - of course it is - just aother Brexit lie.

The fake has been posted / reposted on social media over 8,000 times so far (in 24 hours) and reached an audience of 792,000 (Twitter Analytics - third party tools give roughly the same data) Further proof, if any were needed, that to maintain the all illusions, Brexiteers have to keep lying at ful l throttle.

Here's the original image, and the photoshopped version.

The inserted flag comes from a photo from an Argentinian Anti-British demonstration in 2016, as seen below (photo reversed for easier comparison.) Note the Buenos Aires background, and the Argentinian flags, and the uniforms, and the fact that it looks absolutely nothing like London. At all.

It's not even a very good fake. It's appalling. Amateurish.