Farage Threatens To 'Knife' Civil Servants. Apparently, All Of Them

Nigel Farage, unelected Ruler for Life of the Brexit Party (current membership: nil) is not unknown for his threats of violence. Having previously pledged to 'pick up a rifle' to save (his version of) Brexit, he clearly thought that wasn't even close to being low enough to boos this support.

As reported via Zelo Streethe's now threatened to 'take a knife' to Civil Servants.

Farage initially referred to comments from the President of the Port of Calais, and the Boss of the Port of Dover, on how even No Deal Brexit would have 'zero impact' and they 'are ready' ...
When the President of the Port of Calais, and the Boss of the Port of Dover, tell you they’re 100% ready for Brexit, in whatever form it comes, I suggest we listen to them ...
As an aside, this view is of course contrary to all industry opinion, and official Government Reports. Why do these two Port bosses make these claims ? Because the Government are seeking to de-intensify the haulage route via Dover/Calais and make more use of other ports - in other words, the two Port bosses are going to lose business, and they need something to appease their shareholders.

But Farage went on to a more sinister and much dark level ...
I suggest we listen to them, and not the overpaid pen-pushers in Whitehall, who are not doing a neutral job, and once Brexit’s done, we’ll take the knife to them, alright?”

The comments, made to an audience of about 500 people, were reported to the police by several people on Twitter.

'We’ll take the knife to them' : Hard to see this as anything other than a threat of bloody violence.

Police are investigating.


Within hours, Gwent Police issued a statement saying ...
We are aware of the heightened tensions that exist regarding use of language, and take all allegations and concerns from members of the public very seriously. However, following a thorough assessment, it is our view that the comments in the video, do not constitute a criminal offence. As such, Gwent Police will not be taking any further action.
In response, instead of perhaps backing off from the threats, Farage instead chose merely to alter his choice of weapon ...
I should have said 'take the axe.

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