Hypothesis On A Probable General Election

A hypothesis : If rebel Tories MPs quit or are deselected, their rush job replacements will be tagged as 'late stand-ins brought in solely to do Johnson's bidding'.

DO NOT assume they will retain the seats. The Boris Johnson 'cull' could backfire in spectacular fashion.

Those new Tories candidates will be rookies, new to the game, chosen at the last minute, likely with all-new agents, campaign managers and teams. With less loyalty from the local Party over whose heads they have been chosen, they will likely have less support from local Tory members, an less campaigning feet on the ground.

And with Farage's Brexit Party loons undoubtedly taking a small but certain percentage of the remaining #Tories votes, everything is up for grabs.

A coalition seems likely. And that's generally a good thing, I've always said. The most stable governments in the world - mostly Scandinavian - have been built of decades of coalitions, firmly fixing policy as close to the centre as possible.

The Tories and the Brexit Party ? I think, unlikely. Few remaining Tory MPs would stomach it and there could easily be doubt on whether they'd have the numbers even to do it. Certainly, Dominic Cummings, firmly ensconced in Number 10, absolutely loathes Farage - and Cummings seems to be calling the shots.

Well ... at least Johnson doesn't have a Majority to lose as Theresa May did.

So - a rival Coalition ? Even an AntiAusterity Coalition ?

Entirely feasible, if only Opposition Parties would see the bigger picture, settle their minor differences, and embrace it.

One thing is certain :  Had we known a year ago we would be in this position, perhaps we would have looked at the leaders of both the Lib Dems and Labour and decided 'Not the best to lead in this situation"

But we play the cards we're dealt. Or, as a lovely American phrase puts it - "You have to dance with the girl you brought to the ball."

Neither are ideal Party Leaders in any respects, but their key policies overlap in enough key places to form not just a post-Election Coalition - but a pre-Election pact.

For those who attack #Corbyn - and often justifiably - consider this :

Look at his Policies. They are Right.

Look at the Alternative. That is Disastrous. 

A pact with his Labour may not suit taste of many ... but it is really is the only viable way forward.

But to return to my earlier, core point : Late substitute candidates for the #Tories will be mostly on a hiding to nothing.

Who'd be one ?

Who'd take that poisoned chalice ?

Who'd be willing to be tagged as a 'Servile and Obedient Johnson Plant' ?

In summary, this probable Election is totally winnable for the opposition - whatever form that may take.

All it takes is for them to work together. Not too much to ask, surely.