Official - Trump Impeachment Process Begins

USA - Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces the commencement of the Trump Impeachment Process.

And this was the reacton on Stephen Colbert's Late Show - a standing ovation.

Background : Trump asked Ukraine's president to see 'what he could find out' about Joe Biden's family activities in Ukraine, and be in touch with his lawyer and Attorney General Bill Barr, as a transcript released today shows. At the outset of the call, Trump asked for Ukraine’s help in finding the location of the Democratic National Committee server.

More importantly, further military aid was dependent on this agreement.

Many are surprised the White House even released this transcript. It’s worse than anybody thought.

However, the transcript would only cover the full 30-minute call if you read it at about 12 words a minute. as it stands, as released, it would cover a mere estimated 12 minutes.

Where are the missing 18 minutes?

But the conclusion is inevitable :

Trunp sought to use the powers of the United States government to investigate a political opponent.

And that's impeachable.