The Daily Telegraph Guest Writer - Self Confessed Fascist and Nazi Sympathiser

Madison with fellow Fascist, Marine Le Pen earlier this year

In normal times, The Daily Telegraph wouldn't guest-column an actual Neo #Nazi.

But these are not normal times - and the article is pro-Brexit, so of course they did.

Yesterday's article by Jaak Madison, [Update - The Telegraph pulled the article offline 1 hour after we posted] an Estonian Nazi Sympathiser elected as an MEP this year, highlights that #Brexit is not only predominantly supported by the Right Wing, but by a gamut of extremists at the Far Right end of the spectrum.

And the Telegraph are quite happy to platform someone of this type.

Without any need to go into the article itself - full of hyperbole and falsehoods, but then, it's the Telegraph, and it's Brexit - a close look at Madison, who is notorious in his homeland Estonia, is chilling.

He represents the EKRE - widely considered by most as 'Far Right' and allied with France's Marine Le Pen, Italy's Matteo Salvini and Hungary's Viktor Orban. There are even many who say Madison is too extreme even for them. (Imagine if you will, for comparison, an elected official considered too nasty for Ukip)

Madison is openly Fascist ...
In my eyes, fascism is an ideology that consists of quite a few positive and necessary nuances to preserve the nation state.
He defends Nazism, extolling proudly how Germany became 'one of the most powerful countries in Europe', skipping over how and why.

He stated his view that the Holocaust had 'positive aspects' 'freeing up jobs for real Germans' and called for a similair 'Policy of National Purification' to take place in Estonia ...
... the final solution is required.
Enn Eesmaa, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Estonian parliament, strongly condemned Madison’s use of the Nazi phrase.
Whatever the context – and used intentionally or unintentionally – the use of such a term that hurts a large part of humanity, and is internationally and unequivocally condemned, is wrong.
Such was the disgust in Estonia at these comments that it contributed to Madison's party EKRE being left out of the Coalition at the time, although part of the reason was Party Leader (unelected, of course) Martin Helme's habit of flashing White Supremacy signs at cameras. Helme freely admits his party contains White Supremacists.

Since then, in a struggle to hold back a Far Right tide, the Estonian PM has been forced to bring EKRE into his coalition - accused of "abandoning his principles just to remain in power".

Estonia - we know how that feels ... we have one of them, too.

Estonia's President Kersti Kaljulaid was so disgusted at this coalition she walked out of the swearing-in ceremony.

How have EKRE risen to such heights ? They are supported by Estonia's largest daily newspaper Postimees who have turned away from the ideals of freedom, equality and democracy. Its chief editor stated that the new official slogan for the influential newspaper is ...
The preservation of the Estonian nation, language and culture through the ages.
How very Aryan.

Oh, and of course, as night follows day, Madison is rabidly homophobic as well, labelling anybody LBGTQ+ as 'deviants'.

The views of his youth, now retracted ? No. Given a chance recently to re-examine his stances, he merely reinforced them - and in fact, expanded upon them.

One wonders, of course, why the Telegraph would choose to publish the view of a non-British politician anyway, as one of the key aspects of Brexit seems to be a hatred of foreign politicians 'interfereing in our business'.

A rule, it seems, overlooked when said politician shares the Telegraph line.

(Hat-tip to Marie Le Conte (@youngvulgarian) for the spot)

That any European politician should consider this acceptable is against everything Europe is supposed to stand for