Trump, The 'Great Deal Maker', Drives US Deficit To Record Level

Trump always considered himself to be a great businessman, with a handful of successes peppering the numerous failures and bankruptcies. On economics, he thinks he knows best, better even than economists, and the Federal Reserve. The reality ? He has little clue.

Having been given a stable economy with rising job growth and improving balance of payments, Trump has now trashed both of those indicators, as it was revealed today that the US Deficit has tripped over the $1 Trillion mark - the highest it's ever been in the history of the nation.

Worse still, economists, businesses and public alike are starting to agree - a recession is possible, or likely. Depending on who you talk to.

The core reasons are both core Trump moves - His Tax Cut for the wealthy, and his bombastic Trade War with China. His solution, being rumoured, is to cut taxes more for the super-wealthy, because 'that might work next time'.

Meanwhile the only beneficiary is Trump and his Family, who have profited from their White House activities to the tune of $93 million in 2018, and likely more this year.