Very Very Very Rich Brexiteer Wants To Pay Even Less Tax Shocker

Inheritance Tax. Only the very wealthy pay it, and only then if they can't avoid it. There are numerous ways to get around it, but that's not enough for the Brexit Party who want to scrap it altogether, according to major donor and MEP seat purchaser, Richard Tice, the current 'squeeze' of pretend ''journalist'' and Question Time Rent-A-Lie Isabel Oakeshott.

I wonder what attracted born-rich, brought-up rich multi-millionaire Richard Tice to the policy of allowing the rich to avoid yet another duty ?

Frankly we're shocked that a Party founded and funded, owned and run, by a clique of multi-millionaires hasn't already placed this as number one on their agenda.

More strangely, one has to wonder why Brexit Party ''members'' - who like most of us, will never ever be wealthy enough to pay it - are cheering it on ?