Almost Every Week, British Far Right Terrorists Go To Jail

So far this year we've counted 42 convictions under the Terrorism Act, for British nationals with Far Right Ideology. That pace is outstripping any other 'rationale' for these appalling acts - including Islamism. And it's hugely under-reported in the national media.

The fact that most attacks are stopped before they can be carried out is a testament to the focus that police forces are now placing on this, the fastest growing area of Terrorism in Europe.

Here's this weeks duo - Morgan Seales, of South Shields, was jailed yesterday for 4 years. His co-conspirator, Gabriele Longo, from West Sussex, jailed yesterday for 6 years, both at Leeds Crown Court under the Terrorism Act.

Both were members of an online group called 'Christian White Militia' which plotted to carry out 'copycat' attacks on British Mosques after the Christchurch Massacre.

Found guilty on all counts of Conspiracy to Commit Terror Acts, Incitement of Terror Acts, Possession of Terrorist Materials, and Preparation of an Act of Terrorism.