Brexit Party Idiot MEP Gill Gets Busted on Border

BREAKING : Brexit Party supports UK Membership of Single Market, and Free Movement of People. Apparently.

Among the Brexit Party's (and of course, mainly former Ukips / Tories / etc) crop of MEPs is one of the dimmest, Nathan Gill - and there's some pretty stiff competition. He represents Wales (although he has few connections with the nation - another 'immigrant taking their jobs', Nigel ?)

Today he posted this ...
The current EU ‘hard border’ between Sweden and Norway. So why will the Eire - NI border be any different?
Along side it, he posted this image :

This is the old NO-SW crossing at Svinesund. Cropped out, of course, is the Norwegian Border Post 190m to the left (west), and the Swedish equivalent, 141m to the right (east)

The answer is simple, of course : Because Norway are in the European Economic Area (EEA) which extends Single Market Membership to non EU members. And Norway pays to be so. Do try to keep up, Nathan. Gill never was the brightest of sparks.

It would be the same if the UK stayed in the EEA, but the UK has red lines. Those red lines mean that UK can’t stay in EEA. If you want a Norway/Sweden style border on the island of Ireland, UK would have to have Norway style membership, including FoM, ECJ, payment etc. Like Norway.

In fact, at Svinesund, NO-SW has a massive border post ... this is it :

Aerial shot of the relevant border post, spotted by @n3v3r7w337 on Twitter
So, is the Norway-Sweden border a model for UK-Ireland? No. Sharing a border of 1,600 km, with close to 80 crossings, Norway and Sweden face some of the challenges that Ireland and Northern Ireland may experience when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. To keep up the flow of goods and enjoy the benefits of low or zero tariffs when companies trade, Norway has committed to harmonise its commercial rules with those of the EU.

Here's a couple of the those Norway-Sweden Border Posts. Lorries queue for between 1 and 4 hours for documentation checks.

On this border, there are customs posts on both sides, and those transporting goods need to stop and get the paperwork signed. Getting your documentation signed and cleared off (costing € thousands a year) takes about 1-4 hrs.

The fact that most people know more about this than he does as an actual member of the European Parliament does not reflect well on his intellect or honesty. Or more likely, both.

As Roger Nilsson, Head of Swedish Border Force, said ...
My advice to the U.K. when they leave the EU is: Don’t build the border station too small, you need plenty of space.
So one wonders why Gill would post such a falsehood. It is, of course, so that his gullible followers, who know no better, are both emboldened and intentionally misinformed in their cause.