Fascism In Football - Italy's Night Of Shame, Again

This evening in the Europa League, Italian club Lazio came to Glasgow to play Celtic. (Lazio lost 2-1, by the way)

Lazio have a long troubled history of Fascism, going back to Mussolini. They've never shaken it off. And with the rise (and partial fall) of Matteo Salvini, they are these days emboldened enough to give fascist salutes while walking through the streets of Glasgow.

Similair gestures, banners and flags have been seen inside the stadium.

Their fans were warned by their own club in the build-up to the game to behave themselves and urged not to make any racist gestures or sing any offensive songs. Lazio fans hung a pro-Mussolini banner and made fascist salutes ahead of an Italian Cup match in Milan back in April.

Lazio were recently slapped with punishment after making fascist gestures in their previous Europa League against Rennes. As punishment Lazio's Curva Nord Stadium will be closed when Celtic head out to Rome in the coming weeks.

How long before - surely - the club is excluded from European football entirely ?

And good to see fans of Celtic, a club known in the not too distant past for their own sectarian hatred, responding ...