Finland - Another Racist Finns Party MP On Trial

Sebastian Tynkkynen is in court for a second time on charges of agitation against an ethnic group via social media posts.

The trial of the Finns Party MP began on Thursday in the Oulu District Court. Tynkkynen is accused of agitation against an ethnic group in a Facebook post on Islam and Terrorism.

Representing himself, Tynkkynen denied the offence and said that the trial was 'politically-motivated' (but of course he did.)

The Prosecutor states that Tynkkynen ...
... must have known that his Facebook update was racist in nature and constituted defamatory hate speech generally directed at Muslims.
In his response Tynkkynen compared the case to previous trials of two other prominent members of the nationalist Finns Party, MP Teuvo Hakkarainen and current chair Jussi Halla-aho. Both men were convicted on charges of ethnic agitation, Hakkarainen in 2017 and Halla-aho in 2012.