If It's Thursday, It Must Be Ukip Civil War Time Again. Oh, Look, It Is

Yes, I know they're no longer a thing ... but more Civil War seems to be ensuing in Ukip over control of the NEC.

Gerard Von Batten has reported Neil Hamilton to Manchester Police for "Hacking the NEC's email", he says. Possibly Defamation and Fraud to come, no doubt.

Batten - no longer a 'Leader' of any kind, remember - has come across the same problem Farage did - a member-elected NEC that won't do what the Party Leader tells them to do, because it's not their job to take orders.

In a statement today, Von Batten variously stated (we won't post it all, it's rather rambling and incoherent) ...

"UKIP is now engaged in a desperate internal struggle for the survival of the Party.
On one side is the National Executive Committee, and on the other the Leader Richard Braine and the Party membership ...

[The NEC is voted in by Party members, and represent them. That's basically the NEC's job]

"... the problem lies squarely with the NEC ... phenomenal incompetence ... a deliberate intent to collapse the Party. Today an electronic communication ..."

[Real people call it an email, Gerard]

"... was sent by Neil Hamilton to members saying that an earlier email from Jeff Armstrong, the Returning Officer for the NEC elections, was a “forgery”. This assertion is a defamation on Jeff and is actionable in law. Richard Braine was elected as the Leader last August. Since then he has been prevented by the NEC from leading the Party ..."

[Actually, Dick Braine has been prevented from railroading the Party towards Policies the Party doesn't want. That's what the NEC is there for]

"... he was prevented from removing the current Chairman and installing his own choice."

[Probably because the Chairman is supposed to be elected]

"He has even been prevented from sending out messages to the members unless it was approved by the Chairman."

[Because the email system is for use by the Party, not by the Leader for his own internal political battles]

"In order rectify this situation I announced that I would lead a contingent of ‘Batten Brigade’ NEC candidates on a platform of constitutional and structural reform."

[The NEC deemed them to be ineligible for many and varied reasons. It's nice to see Ukip actually doing some vetting, if only internally]

"The NEC moved against these candidates by initiating a ‘vetting procedure’ ..."

[How shocking ...]

"The NEC has been interpreting the rules ..."

[Applying the rules. It's their job]

"Aside from that, Jeff Armstrong ..."

[NEC Returning Officer, one of 'Batten's Brigade']

"... has already made a crime report to the Greater Manchester Police regarding an intrusion into his email ..."

[By Neil Hamilton, we assume. Oh and he finally uses the word 'email'. Welcome to the 20th century, Gerard. We're over here in the 21st, now]

"... which the police are investigating. Richard Braine took decisive action to suspend the Chairman and the NEC ..."

[Who were democratically elected by the members]

"... while this matter is under police investigation. Right now, Richard Braine needs to win this power struggle so that we can have free and fair elections ..."

[Ukip had them already, for the NEC, that he now wants to disband]

Oh, woe and thrice woe is Ukip. Such is the fate of all Far Right groups, we've seen it for thirty years and more.

Egos and Infighting, every time.

Dick Braine, Ukip Leader has suddenly found out he's not actually in charge.