Jacob Rees-Mogg's Tailors Are 'Not British Enough'

Jacob Rees Mogg gets his British - with hint of Italianate* - suits hand-made in London, of course. *[I'm told that apparently the angle of the lapels and the vents are 'pure Milan Style']

His favourite London based tailors are a two-man partnership, of Greek and Italian extraction.

With Brexit and the 'Controlling Our Borders' mantra, things are changing fast - and Rees Mogg may be in for a shock next fitting.

From our source in the DHA who's seen the paperwork involved, one tailor has been denied Settled Status and other's wife, the same.

They choose to be unnamed due to publicity threatening their business, understandably so. But they've spoken to others in the industry about how prevalent this might be, in an industry when respected veterans of the trade are predominantly immigrants. They've asked for Rees-Mogg's assistance in the matter.

We recently highlighted other examples, especially of two award-winning chefs, both denied, despite some of their regular customers being Tories.

The reasons stated, we understand, are in one case, 'lack of paperwork on original immigration', for a child who was three years old at the time.

In the other case, 'questions over validity of her marriage', where Italian church records were destroyed in a fire in 1961, before regional aggregation and computerisation.

Both can demonstrate a long, documented history of residency in the UK, driving licences, voting, paying taxes, etc. Both are members of their local Tory Party.

But for the new Tory Regime, clearly that's not enough.

And remember, if you're thinking his attire is rather ill-fitting and baggy, note that it's probably cut to shape his 'activity' in the Commons ...