The New Brexit ''Deal'' - All You Need To Know

If there's one go-to expert on the legalities and ramifications of Brexit in general, and this apparent 'Deal' in particular, it's Barrister and Labour MP Sir Keir Starmer, which is why he was appointed Labour's Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.

He knows his stuff, and is regularly seen putting Brexit'ers to shame for their ignorance.

Who better than to summarise this Agreement ? Here's his judgement.

I have looked carefully at the Brexit Deal negotiated by Boris Johnson. Here is my analysis.
Labour’s concerns with Theresa May’s deal were not principally about the Backstop. They were about the Political Declaration and our future relationship with the EU after Brexit.
Having reviewed what has been agreed, it is clear that the Johnson Deal is a far worse deal than Theresa May’s deal. It paves the way for a decade of deregulation.
It gives Johnson licence to slash workers’ rights, environmental standards and consumer protections.
Rather than strengthening the Political Declaration (PD) along the lines Labour argued, the political direction of travel under Johnson is to a distant economic relationship with the EU. It rules out a new Customs Union and a close future relationship with the Single Market.
This inevitably means there will be new trade barriers with the EU and additional checks at borders.
The PD is explicit about this. And the Johnson deal makes it easier for a Tory Government to cut rights and standards.
On services, the PD offers nothing beyond the weak provisions in the Theresa May deal. Nor has there been any progress on the question of agencies and our future security relationship.
The level playing field commitments are significantly weaker: no longer building on the measures in the old Withdrawal Agreement, which provided for dynamic alignment in certain areas.
Instead, the level playing field provisions only last until the end of transition with a warning shot from the EU about the impact this will have on (reduced) access to EU markets.
Labour will not support a flawed Brexit deal that harms jobs, rights and living standards. This deal will unquestionably do that.
Labour cannot support this deal. If Boris Johnson has confidence in his deal, he should put it back to the people in a public vote against remain - and that is an argument we will be making on Saturday.

Of course, none of these factual points will be of concern to Brexit'eers.

As writer James Felton perfectly expressed it :
Number 10 are now saying that a deal has been done. Congratulations. After three years of hard work, two prime ministers and holding all the cards, you have beaten the EU into accepting one of their own initial suggestions, which Parliament will now reject.
Glad to see all that hard work and accepting of positions he called "completely unacceptable" and "a capitulation" have paid off and Boris Johnson has seen off his critics by managing to secure himself an eighth consecutive defeat in Parliament.

In short, Boris Johnson could hold up a piece of toilet paper, with his doings on it, call it a 'Deal' - and his acolytes would cheer to the rooftops.

So what is the purpose of this ''Deal'' ? So he can say he's got a ''Deal''.

Even one that was so bad from Theresa May - that he resigned over it.

When is a ''Deal'' not a ''Deal'' - When it's doomed to be voted down.