The Tory's Hostile Environment Continues. Now They Go After Brits.

This is Trevor.

A British Soldier.

Born a British Citizen.

Married to his British Wife ... and he has been denied the right to live in his own Britain.

The Home Office are planning to remove him from the UK. He served Queen and Country for 6 years in the British Army, and has been here altogether for 11 yrs from his native Dominica (from where, as part of the Empire, he received a British Passport)

Detained in prison under Immigration Laws for 11 days, and now he still has to report to his local station every week .. like a criminal.

Perhaps this is what Ukip and other Brexit'ers mean when they chant 'Control Our Borders'. He's served his Queen and Country, he was born a British Citizen  ... but to their eyes he's clearly 'the wrong colour'.

The Home Office is no longer Fit for Purpose. And Priti "Pull That Ladder Up QuickPatel is complicit in her incompetence.