Criminal 'Patriot' James Goddard Has Left The Building, Finally

You may notice we've seen less of thug James Goddard recently. Nothing, in fact. He's left the field. Reason ? He's not making the levels of cash he'd hoped, and he's petrified of going to jail.

Goddard has been nowhere to be seen for three months, at least.  His Gab account has been silent. No further videos are being produced and slipped onto YouTube on his behalf. His former 'Yellow Vest' ''comrades'' have distanced themselves.

He's back at his job, working, trying to keep his nose clean after threats of being fired. He's on multiple disciplinaries for absenteeism to go to 'events' and he's been told by his bosses to clean up his act or get fired - and frankly, with his record of hate, who'd hire him afterwards ?

It's no surprise that James Goddard, with his multiple convictions, is constantly on the edge of the Law, from calling for 'Civil War every Saturday', to his Fraudulent Cash Fiddles (you think his Crowdfunders go to his ''work'' ? Think again.)

Goddard called for War. Every Saturday, apparently.

He was, you will recall, convicted of harrassment of the MP Anna Soubry, as well as racial abuse and racially aggravated behaviour towards police officers. He only just avoided a 6 month prison term by pleading guilty. Another conviction to add to his collection.

He was subsequently removed from Paypal and Facebook. He tried to join Patreon, and was online for 1 day before being kicked off.

Facebook stated that they ...
will not tolerate hate speech on Facebook which creates an environment of intimidation and which may provoke real-world violence.
At least 115 MPs wrote to police afterwards seeking extra protection.

Goddard's violent and threatening harassment of Anna Soubry landed him in court, and nearly in jail

Goddard, a self-promoting ''Patriot'' - who spouses hatred for so many of his fellow Brits if they're the wrong faith or colour - has always claimed not to be Islamophobic. He claimed again so, recently, in a to-camera defence of his actions on YouTube, a tearful apology for his past actions, posted by another account - the only thing we're seen from him in months.

But from his own words, he's proven to be among the worst of racist thugs.

A recently recirculated video interview shows Goddard arguing that "all Muslims should be removed from the UK", and saying he wanted to “ban Islam from the west”.

If you ever doubted that Goddard is a racist, violent, criminal thug, we're glad to clarify that he most certainly is. Here's the video, we'll let you judge him from his own words.