Farage's Wine Faux Pas Shows The Expected Lack Of Class

Despite drinking very expensive wines - on our taxes - Nigel Farage has show he knows very little about them. We imagine he probably only cares about quaitiy rather than quality, being a self-confessed 'functioning alcoholic'.

As shown today, when he chose to take a cheap dig at Jeremy Corbyn with the above photo, posted with the caption :
Disappointing choice. Past its best, now leaves a bitter taste.
Unless of course Nigel was just updating his Twitter biography.

But as keen oenologists ourselves, we do in fact know a thing about wine. That's a 2015 St Emilion Claret. While 2015 for most Bordeaux vintages was an average year, that particular winery produced something rather good.

And it is, indeed, quite a bit like Jeremy Corbyn ... as the Decanter and Cellar Tracker sites describe the wine it as :
Poised and precise. Elegant with a smooth texture. Excellent balance. Medium intensity.
We did wonder why PATRIOTIC Nigel isn't drinking BRITISH wine, but then we've tasted a lot of British wines.

Class ? Money - even an EU expenses budget - can't buy it.