GE2019 - The Tories Roll Of Dishonour : 1 to 100

A continuously updated post on the Corruption, Calamity, Chaos and Cock-Ups of the Current Conservative Coup.

OpenDemocracy today reveal the secretive club of super-rich donors who’ve bankrolled 80% of the Tory Election Campaign. New exclusive research shows Russians, Hedge Funds, Big Oil are the biggest givers.

Yet another Tories Candidate exposed as a Racist and Islamophobe. We've lost count. This one is sharing posts from Terrorist Inciter Stephen Yaxley Lennon and Katie 'Hatie' Hopkins. Karl McCartney in Lincoln claims (of course he does!!) that he was '''hacked'''.

To compete with Labour's plans for Broadband for All, Tories show their absolute mastery of technology by launching their Manifesto in a location with absolutely no wifi at all.

Busted !! Boris Johnson during the Debate with Jeremy Corbyn was fed answers through an earpiece and he thought no-one would notice.

Racist Boris Johnson has been officially endorsed by Far-Right Fascists - The BNP (British National Party). They support his comments likening Muslim women wearing the Burqa to ‘letterboxes’ and ‘bankrobbers’. Spotted by @StrongerStabler on Twitter.

Tories lies continue as Boris Johnson says Tories 'Tax Cuts' next year will put an "extra £500 in the pockets of working people", which clearly came as a bit of a shock to Chancellor Sajid Javid ... Via @PeterStefanovi2 on Twitter.

Boris Johnson shows how much he cares (not) about the Environment by deciding not to bother with the Part Leader's Debate on Climate Change. The only one to choose to snub it.

Running scared, Boris?

Desperate Tories busted as they set up a fake Labour Manifesto 'website' as Election Disinformation spree continues.

After the fake 'FactChecker' set up by Tories, real factCheckers, Infacts, decided to review Boris Johnson's record on telling the truth.

It's not good.

On Housing, Andrew Neil on 'Politics Live' rips into Tories 24/7 embarassment Liz Truss, asking her to recall "how many starter homes were built, of the promised 200,000".

She couldn't quite recall the number.

The number was zero.

Oh, dear. Tories Campaign Manager Thea Dickinson has a major mathematics fail of epic proportions as she fails to grasp the subtleties of addition and subtraction.

Context : Thea worked for Vote Leave, which gives you some idea of the quality of their personnel.

After Priti 'Smug Face' Patel claimed 'Poverty is not the Government's fault' (see 88) she received a huge backlash. The BBC decided to help her out by deleting the clip so it could no longer be shared.

"When even Priti 'Smug Face' Patel's husband blames the Tories for a Homelessness crisis, her pretending poverty’s nothing to do with the Government is a bit rich." - Kevin Maguire nails it.

After the fake Social Media Bots (78) and the fake Twitter Account (80) next trick from the Tories is a fake Labour Manifesto web site.

Running scared ? Boris Johnson has previously withdrawn from two televised debates and now his own local hustings in Uxbridge. Even where he was elected he can't be sure of a tv-friendly public welcome.

Poverty levels rocketing : Child Poverty, Pensioner Poverty, In Work Poverty, Fuel Poverty
And now Tories Priti 'Smug Face' Patel says it’s ALL OUR FAULT, while standing in a Foodbank.

Another embarassing Michael Gove Fail as Channel 4 ask him about 'truth, lies and misleading Twitter'. Wave a microphone anywhere within 10 feet of Gove and he turns to jelly.

Tories Election National Insurance Tax Cut : Financial experts said the move to cut NI Contributions was a 'blunt tool' if your aim was to help the lowest earning voters and 'will mainly help richer voters'. See also *every other Tory policy*.

Tories Brexit Chaos : Nothing to see here, please move along ; One million coins melted down. That's what we've come to. A Government that ran a tacky publicity stunt - only for it to burn.

Poor Tories. When even hard right Katie Hopkins wannabe, Julia Hardly-Breathing, turns on you for your electoral scams - you know you've jumped that shark.

Tories set up a fake 'Fact Check' account during the Leaders Debate to spread their Propaganda. It backfired in spectacular fashion.

Numerous obscure Campaign Groups buying up lots of expensive targetted Facebook ads. Claim to be ''non-party' ... but all attack Labour. That's a real sign of fear. And breaks Electoral Commission rules.

Busted ! 1000s of Fake Bots are pushing Boris Johnson on Social Media, in a vain attempt to show that he has 'a following', and many of them are strewn with error codes. Embarassing.

Tories Britain, 2019 : Man dies WHILE QUEUEUING at Job Centre ... after being declared 'fit for work'. Who really wants 5 more years of this ?

Tories in Scotland forced to axe YET ANOTHER CANDIDATE after Ryan Houghton's sick internet history of Holocaust Denial, Homophobia and Islamophobia is uncovered.

The Tories pledge to put Corporation Tax Cuts 'on hold to help fund NHS' .. Well, that's as clear an admission as you'll ever get, that to reduce them before was an awful decision, and one that Boris Johnson gleefully promoted and celebrated.

"After Brexit, the Environment is safe in our hands" the Tories claim ... while the Environment Agency's own Water Quality Monitoring is cut in half.

In the midst of Election, FoodBank Usage data is released : Demand soars 3,800%, Child Poverty in WORKING families rises to 2.9 million, up 38%. A National Scandal, an International Shame.

You know the Tories Election Campaign is in deep trouble when you get backing from Stepehen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, multiply-convicted serial criminal, fraudster and racist.

That not-so-wonderful 'Brexit Trade Deal' ? Other countries know it wont happen. Australia and other nations are demanding Brexit Compensation : Fifteen countries, including the US, India and New Zealand, have been set out their Brexit concerns at the WTO Meeting in Geneva.

What Tories have dome to our Education System revealed : Teachers buying coats for disadvantaged pupils, and a third of pupils in some schools can’t afford winter coats, with many “visibly malnourished

Johnson it seems isn't as loved in working class areas as he claims.
Another visit, more'booing', more'get outta here'.
After Fracking, then a Fracking Moratorium, then a Roll-Back on that Fracking Moratorium (within 8 days), Johnson today preaches a 'Green Revolution' ... for this week.

Tories scatter-shot Campaign limps along, aimlessly.

Mid-Election, Trussell Trust release Foodbank Usage Data.

A 23% INCREASE on 2018 - and the SHARPEST CLIMB for 5 YEARS.

ONE MILLION British people, starving in Poverty - A deliberate Tory policy.

While Tories still claim 'The NHS is not for Sale', @PrivateEyeNews report Tories Party Co-Chair Ben Elliot's firm Hawthorn Advisers is lobbying for Foreign Private Health Firms ... to snap up parts of NHS.

Boris Johnson's 'Messiah'-style Yorkshire 'Walkabout' in flood areas backfires as residents tell him :

"You took your time"
"Where have you been?"
"You’ve not helped us” ...

More Vile Tory Racists exposed by @MatesJacob . Story now national.

These comments are openly posted and they're proud of it. Meanwhile Tories have cancelled the promised Investigation into #Islamophobia.

Tories Peer Baroness Warsi attacks her own party over delays totalling FOUR YEARS to Investigation of Tory Islamophobia - as 25 MORE Elected Tories Racists are exposed.

As yet another Tories Candidate, Andrew Griffiths, resigns - BY SHEER COINCIDENCE AGAIN the 'next best candidate available' - IS HIS WIFE.

Same happened with Tories Charlie Elphicke, replaced by his wife.

BOTH MPs quitting over sexual misconduct.

Irony Overload as Tories choose for their Election Theme Music ...

'The Final Countdown' By ... Europe.

Tories select Chris Davies - criminally convicted of Expenses Fraud and creating faked invoices, to stand as a Brecon Candidate.

Clearly a future Tories Exchequer.


Tories Data Harvesting SCAM exposed as they fund Google Advert to drive enquiries for Postal Votes to their site, (above the official GOV link).

Before you can 'register' ... you have to give them all your contact and personal data ...

Jacob Rees Mogg on Housing, claims ... "A Conservative government would help build more homes." We've heard that lie before.

They promised 200,000 new homes last time. They've built : Zero.

Well, that lasted long. After just 8 days, Tories roll-back on their roll-back : Fake Fracking 'Moratorium' is cancelled.

Johnson's Police State - Professor at Nottingham Trent University, reported to Police and Electoral Commission, and her job is threatened -- for encouraging her students to vote.

Calls for FAKE CHARITY @IStatecraft to be shut down. Set up by Tories, with £2 million funding from taxpayers, purely to attack Labour, "it provides no public charitable benefit."

Lawyer of family of biker Harry Dunn killed by American ''Diplomat'' says Foreign Office and Dominc Raab "trying to THREATEN & INTIMIDATE Harry's parents."

Tories won't release their Manifesto until a mere 14 days before the Election, to contract the oversight and analysis period.

The thinking is that voters would have already made their minds up.

REVEALED TODAY - Intelligence Services Russia Report states that over 150,000 Russian based Twitter accounts posted in English for Vote Leave in Brexit Referendum, stoking fears about migrants and muslims.

Calls for Racist Tories Candidate Anthony Brown to stand down after Islamophobic Muslim Hatred comments.

Says he was 'going through a phase'.

Russian Donors that fund Johnson's Tories - Finally, 9 are named, all with Kremlin & FSB ties.

Boris Johnson is specifically named as a Blackmail / Security Risk.

Goes unreported in mainstream media.

Tories attempt to SCAM voters by sending UNPAID mail that purports to be official NHS letters - but turns out to be Tories Election PR, forcing receivers to pay £4 postage.

Farage freely admits Tories offered him a Peerage before his dramatic U-Turn on the Johnson Brexit Deal.

That Tories ''Strong Economy'' ?? The UK just narrowly avoids falling into Recession - UK Economy grew just 0.3% between Jul & Sep, avoiding a second straight quarter of contraction.

In our ''stable and growing economy'' - (c) Tories - we now have need, in 2019, of Food Banks for Babies.

Let that sink in.

Tories Government's OWN FORECASTS say Johnson's 'Brexit Deal' (May's Deal v1.01) would REDUCE growth by 6.7%.

While Minimum Wage Plan launched by Labour is attacked, Tories manage to spin theirs (the same) as 'a huge boost' via the very compliant Daily Express.

The difference ? A few weeks.

Tories Priti 'Smug Face' Patel refuses to claim EU “Child Poverty Money” which UK can claim to ensure people don’t get a positive view of EU.

Meanwhile, Child Food Banks.

A fatality, lives affected, businesses ruined ... but it's all just a joke and a photo opportunity for Boris Johnson, who turns up with a mop.

Remembrance Day : Johnson breaks protocol, steps out of line at wrong time, and THEN LAYS WREATH UPSIDE DOWN.

Remember when the Tory press accused Corbyn of 'not bowing low enough' ?

Yet another Tories Candidate QUITS after VILE Facebook comments revealed. This time it's in Wakefield.

In the article (see Previous, Number 38) it's ALSO revealed that the Acuri Investigation has also been - conveniently - ''shelved''.

Number 10 seem to have amazing powers over Police Investigations.

Police Investigation into Boris Johnson and Vote Leave Fraud is 'shelved' until after GE2019.

Funny, that.

Moodys changes outlook on UK’s AA2 Credit Rating from 'Stable' to 'Negative'.

"Brexit is ... a catalyst in an erosion in institutional strength ... seriously undermining faith in UK. "

When even a Hard Tory Journalist agrees that the story about '''AntiSemitic''' Labour MP Dan Carden singing 'Hey Jews' on a bus is completely invented bullshit, because *research*.

A Tory MP actually asks a hustings audience if they want Jeremy Corbyn as PM.
He doesn't get the answer he expects, and walks off the stage in shame.
As Boris Johnson continues to hide the Official Report on Russian Collusion in UK Politics, all his efforts come to naught as CNN begin LEAKING details.

Tories MP on the faked Kier Starmer video : "I apologise and will remove it. Sorry folks."
3 DAYS LATER it is STILL on his Social Media feed - and still being spread.

After Islamophobia being described as 'Rampant' in the Tories (by a Tory Peer) ... Boris Johnson, after promising a Full Inquiry ... officially cancels it.

After 6 false statements about NI-GB Trade in one appearance, Johnson is busted as not actually understanding the Brexit Withdrawal Deal he signed.

Maybe he hasn't actually read it ?

As Johnson tours a Nottingham school, sixth-formers are forcibly confined to their Common Room.

What is Johnson so terrified of ?

As Johnson still hides the Official Report on Russian Collusion in UK Democracy, it's revealed that Tories have received a "SURGE" of cash from Russian Donors.

Surely, coincidence.

Johnson, today : "There will be no checks on goods going from NI to GB."

It's a lie. And he knows it.

Contradicted by the actual Brexit Deal Johnson signed, the EU, Eire ... and by his own Brexit Minister.

Tories say they might recruit nurses from abroad for NHS by charging lower £464 Visa Fee.

Busted when pointed out the minimum salary of £30,000 still applies. Which no nurse is paid.

Tories Candidate Nick Conrad QUITS Norfolk seat over Rape comments. (see 20, earlier).

He'd only just quit BBC to run as a Candidate ...

EU confirm it did NOT AMEND Theresa May’s Brexit deal "in any meaningful way" for Boris Johnson - only ‘clarified’ it.

It's the same deal - but with added Second backstop.

Tories claim to be the Party of a Prudent and Stable Economy proven false - as data confirms UK one of worst-performing economies in the world since the 2017 General Election,

31st out of the 35 OECD Nations.

Oops. Tories Chancellor Sajid Javid is busted as its revealed he's already planning to RIP UP the three key Tory Economic Commitments he announced only this year.

Andrew Bridgen, again, this time unleashing his Homophobia by attacking a memorial to gay men in Dorset, an art piece ‘In Memoriam’, a tribute to the 51 men who were hanged.

Revealed today Tories MP Nadhim Zahawi has failed to register his interest in Balshore Investments & Berkford Investments, Gibraltar Tax-Avoidance firms ... who own part of Election Pollsters YouGov.

Tories Candidate for Broadland Norfolk (former BBC host) says ...

"Women are partially responsible for Rape."

"They should keep their knickers on."

Tories in Reading have chosen as a Candidate a fervent Climate Change Denier, contrary to many 1000s of actual scientists, of which he isn't one.

Calls it a 'Socialist Trojan Horse'.

As well as hiding the Russia Interference Report, Tories have now been busted for hiding the OBR Economic Forecast until after the Election.

Tories Swindon's Council send out letters to 1500 elderly voters removing their right to vote.

After weeks of saying they don't want to sell off parts of the NHS, Tories Brexit Spokesperson Dan Hannan goes rather off-message ...

After 5 days to think of an excuse for the doctored Kier Starmer Video, MP Ben Bradley blames a 'young person'

Despite Tories MPs apologising for the Keir Starmer video being doctored, Party Chairman James Cleveley doesn't get the memo and continues to insist - live on National TV - that it wasn't.

A comprehensive fact-check of Johnson's claims so far reveals that he has lied about Police numbers, NHS Funding, New Hospitals, Education Funding, Free Ports and Labour Nationalisation Costs.

So far.

Boris Johnson makes a speech to a 90% empty hall as numbers dissappoint.

Tories found breaking Electoral Laws as they encourage Postal Ballot Registrations to be sent directly to their offices instead of the Electoral Registration Office.

Tories Chairman James Cleverley refuses to take his seat at Sky News for a pre-arranged interview with Kay Burley to answer questions.

The ASA Advertising Watchdog bans DWP Dept of Work and Pension advertisements due to numerous false claims.

Nottingham University Hospital becomes the first NHS Trust in 2019 to declare a 'Winter Health Crisis.'

The Report on Russian Interference in the Democratic Process in the UK remains hidden from public eyes by word of Boris Johnson.

Tories Gower Candidate says Benefit Claimants 'need putting down' and endorses a new weekly Tory Social Activity ; 'Twat-A-Tramp Tuesday'.

Tory Party continues to support her.

Tories Wales Minister QUITS due to his covering up an aide's role in sabotaging a Rape Trial.

Tories MP Andrew Bridgen backs up Jacob Rees Mogg, then doubles down, then does so again, before finally retracting and apologising.

Tories MP Jacob Rees Mogg blames Grenfell victims for their own deaths.

It takes him four days before he's forced to retract and apologise.

Boris Johnson gets booed out of Addenbrooke Hospital by staff and patients alike, unmentioned by BBC, who were right there.

Tories admit and apologise for a doctored, misrepresentative video of Kier Starmer. Tory MPs like Johnny Mercer admitted fault and promised to remove it from his timeline. Instead, he leaves it on his feed and actively continues to spread the doctored video.