Is This General Election Already Invalid ?

The Intelligence Report into Russian Interference In UK Democracy. The Police Investigation into the Jennifer Acuri Affair. The Police Investigation into the Fraud by Vote Leave during the Brexit Campaign.

All delayed - intentionally - by Number 10. A Prime Minister using the Offices of State for Electoral Advantage.

I've been talking yesterday and this evening to some experts on UK Constitutional Law. Here's the thing: The Politically-driven Delay in not releasing the Russia Report is a valid reason, post-Election, for a High Court Challenge to the validity of the Election.

A PM using (abusing) his office of state for the purposes of withholding information from the electorate that would have a valid effect on an Election Outcome, ticks all the boxes.

Which means, in the event of a Tories win in any form, if intentional delay can be proven - and I think It can - even when this Election is over ... it may not be over. There are mechanisms within UK Constitutional Law that allow for such High Court challenges as to validity.

They have never been tested - but there's a first time for everything.  This is after all, an era of 'firsts' in politics like never before.

It's one thing when an MP breaks Electoral Law for one reason or another, but when it's the PM, and knowingly, the whole question of the validity of an Election must be called into question, as must the status of Boris Johnson, should he scrape a win,.