Riley Jumps The Shark With Tshirt Erasing Anti-Apartheid Movement

Riley is of course, simply a dyed-in-the-wool Tory, and a well-paid one at that, who seeks to use her Jewish faith as a hammer to beat Labour for political reasons, to attack as 'racist' a man who is probably the least racist person in Westminster.

And now ... we think she's jumped the shark ... in a vain attempt to follow the methodology of Katie Hopkins and Julia Hartley-Brewer - lies, shouted loud enough so that enough people will hear and believe them.

From yesterday, here's Rachel Riley literally using an image of Jeremy Corbyn at an Anti Racism Demonstration, way back in 1984, the days of Apartheid in South Africa. So, an image of an Anti Racist at a Anti Racist Demonstration.

What has she done ? The original anti-message message has been deleted. She's deleted (or photoshopped it out (or someone has, we can't say for certain, but she's promoting it)

And she's replaced it with a call to his (what?) '''Racism'''.

Even those who previously supported her have slammed her actions - and many have called for her to be sacked from her job as Countdown's resident maths expert.
Dislike Corbyn, whatever – it’s a free country – but jfc a white person doing this shows a complete detachment from reality. Precisely the kind of behaviour rewarded by the media (as long as you attack the left).
This is, without doubt, the craziest thing I’ve seen on twitter. A white person erasing an anti-apartheid message is new levels of bizarre. It’s something you expect from the alt-right. This person has fronted ‘anti-trolling’ campaigns. Good grief.
Did my girl actually erase the anti-apartheid message to do this?? I. Can. Friggin. NOT. It’s not just any old message you’re erasing. It was a friggin struggle against severe and brutal legalised racism.’

Hey Rachel Riley ...look up. Higher. Higher still. See that, way up there ?

That's 'rock bottom'.