Tories '20,000 Extra Police Officers' Promise - BUSTED By Home Office Source

We have some amazing sources in surprising places. Hint : Not all Civil Servants like the current Government very much. And sometimes they droppeth upon us manna from heaven.

Our Home Office source confirms that the latest preliminary budgeting for 2020 has *no provision* for reopening closed stations, leasing accommodation, or purchasing new vehicles or any new equipment / uniforms other than at 2019 rates.

Remember - Boris Johnson has '''promised''' 20,000 extra police officers and has actually stated that they are recruiting NOW.

But not only have preliminary budgets not been altered ... but the department responsible has received no instructions for any future increased spending on vehicles, equipment, etc for 2020, all the things that new recruits will need.

Does make us wonder, where these ''recruits'' will be stationed ? Where will they be trained ? What vehicles will they be driving ? and even What uniforms they'll be wearing ? Hand-me-downs ?

If any increase in police numbers in 2020 is to occur, there are associated additional costs which must be accounted  And they MUST be in the Prelim Budgets NOW, for contractors manufacturing planning, with long lead times.

And it's not in there.

Read into that what you will.

We're getting some media people to do a Freedom of Information request to get more details.