A New Year, A New Challenge, For All Of Us

We approach 2020 under Boris Johnson with trepidation. 

His enabling, indeed, validation, of Far Right views has already, in a short while, began to affect our nation adversely, with a reported increase in verbal and physical violence towards minorities, aside from the dire political and economic ramifications.

Agents of hatred such as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and Katie Hopkins have not only become Boris cheerleaders, but enthusiastic Tory Party members.

Britain First, previously all but dead as an organisation, have publicly instructed all of their supporters to join the Tories.

As much as the Tories try to disown these people, and Party Chairman James Cleverly has tried to do so many times, the question he has not answered - because it has not been posed to him - is why the Tories would suddenly, under Boris Johnson, be so attractive to such extremists.

The reason is clear. These Far Right names, and their supporters, fully believe Johnson shares their vile agenda.

Why? Because he has a history of doing just that.

We are no longer the wonderful Britain we showed to the world in the Olympic Year of 2012, and we may not be so again for a very long time.

It only remains to see just how bad it gets.