But Of Course Tax Dodger Zac Goldsmith Gets A Peerage

Zac Goldsmith is an elite, entitled, tax-dodging multi-millionaire son of a billionaire.

And after being firmly rejected by the Electorate, do the Tories let him just walk away ?

No ... they give him a Life Peerage. You have to wonder what he's done to earn it.

Let's have a quick review ...

He was gifted his first, second and third journalism jobs by his family.

He was gifted a World Tour with the International Honours Programme ... funded by his family.

He was an MP literally just for a few years, although of course memorably he ran for London Mayor, losing and in the process ran "the most Islamophobic Campaign in Party History", for which he still denies responsibility. Even his own party were ashamed.

Before that he was a 'French domiciled' tax avoider, by choice, who still to this day owes $5.8 million to the Exchequer and is still fighting it. He spent more time during his French residency actually in the UK, and is therefore liable. He specifically stated his move to France was "a lifestyle choice to avoid paying tax."

He fiddled his Election Expenses but apparently it was 'not intentional", that "in the absence of any evidence of intentional circumvention of the rules, we do not consider that a referral to the police is appropriate."

So why the Life Peerage ?

Is it because he's yet another rich Old Etonian ?

Oh, wait. Now I remember. His father has donated £ Millions to the Tories, Ukip, and every EuroSceptic Party in existence.


You really couldn't have anything more Tories today if you tried.