Election 2019 - The Aftermath

A Tory Campaign based on unprecedented levels of lies, fraud and disinformation comes to an end.

And so begins a Tory Government which will unprecedented historic levels of lies, fraud and disinformation.

The people didn't vote out of choice. - they voted exactly as the media told them to.

After a decade of growing poverty, homelessness, division, inequality, chaos & buffoonery, somehow the people have voted for five years of more.

And so it will begin. This will be the most Right Wing Government in our lifetime.

An embolded Far Right, given fresh license. Attacks, political and physical, on minorities and foreigners. It happened the day after Brexit, it will happen now.

Press collusion. : The BBC, the biggest media network in our nation, is right behind him. You will see little oversight from them.

Russian Funding and Collusion : Why do you think Johnson refused to release the Russia Report, actively delaying it until ... well, now, it'll be too late to have any effect.

Boris Johnson, a man who ran and hid when ever challenged. A man who refused interviews to face the important questions. A man who hid multiple key reports in the Election Period. Did you think Boris Johnson 'believes' in the people' ? Johnson believes in Boris Johnson, period.

Every death of a homeless person, every suicide due to benefit cuts, every NHS delay, will be at the door of those who voted for this clown.

Well, Tories, enjoy your circle-jerk of celebration.

When Boris fails, again, as he will in every aspect, you will turn on him as you did on Theresa May.

In 2016 USA voted for a documented liar, fraudster, racist right wing clown, in a media-manipulated, lie-driven campaign.

In 2019, it seems the UK has chosen to do the same.