Election 2019 : 'Here's What You Could Have Won' ...

"Socialism is an unattainable dream' they said.

4 years ago Portugal kicked out a Right Wing Austerity Government and voted for a Socialist Administration.

They have the fastest growing Economy in Europe. Unemployment has halved, with jobs that don't need Benefits to support them. It's booming.

We could have had that.

Arts are thriving. It's educational system is rivalling Sweden. Homelessness is being tackled. Housing is affordable.

We could have had that, too.

Remind them of this, when they say #Socialism 'is just a dream'.

The revival is being called 'The Fourth Way'.

Of course, Portugal is far from perfect as yet, and no nation will ever be, but in every sector, they are going in the right direction.

Portugal uses as it's core model, the Scandinavian nations which Jeremy Corbyn promoted.

And that's what our misinformed populace voted against.

Portuguese Socialists celebrate the win in 2015. The nation is thriving.