Election 2019 : The Manipulation Of The Masses By Millionaire Media Moguls

An independent, Non-Biased Study on Media in the Election 2019 by Loughborough University has confirmed what we all kind of knew anyway.

  • Hostile media coverage aimed at Labour DOUBLED compared to 2017.
  • Media were HALF as critical of the #Tories compared to 2017.

The report was produced by the university’s Centre for Research in Communication and Culture. The researchers assessed items from the print editions of The Guardian, I, Daily Telegraph, Times, Financial Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Sun, and Star, and assessed each printed item on whether it included a positive, negative, or neutral portrayal of each party.

Tracking newspaper coverage over five weeks of the 2019 election, the academics found that the intensity of hostile coverage of opposition parties peaked in the final days of the campaign.

By contrast, coverage weighted by circulation was mostly positive about the Conservative Party, with coverage of Boris Johnson’s party improving in the final week.
Level of negativity towards Labour was far from ‘business as usual.
Press hostility to Labour in 2019 was more than double the levels identified in 2017. By the same measure, negative coverage of the Conservatives halved.
Because the largest newspapers were more friendly to the Conservatives, when weighted by circulation, the final week of the 2019 election gave the Tories a positive score of 30.17 while Labour’s was minus 96.66 – a vast gulf in treatment. 

All opposition parties were portrayed negatively, with only the ruling Tories portrayed in a positive light. 

Thomas Jefferson once wrote that a ... "well-informed electorate is a prerequisite to democracy".

Thus, a misinformed electorate is subjugation of Democracy.