GE2019 - The Tories Roll Of Dishonour : 101 to ...

A continuously updated post on the Corruption, Calamity, Chaos and Cock-Ups of the Current Conservative Coup.


Boom. Boris Johnson on Andrew Marr got fact-checked.

Result : Zero. Not one true statement. 100% lies.

Andrew Marr, of course, let them all go. Andrew Neil wouldn't, which is why BJ is terrified of facing him.


After Boris Johnson was replaced by a block of ice on the Channel 4 Debate (and sent his dad instead), Tories (creators of fake websites, fake fact checkers, fake adverts) cried FOUL! and ran to Ofcom, who today cleared Channel 4 of any bias, saying it was 'perfectly fair'.


Busted !! Dominic Raab "Claiming I support privatising the NHS is a ludicrous suggestion" says he ... shortly before being confronted on Radio 4 with the book he co-wrote calling for NHS Privatisation.


'Trust us this time' say Tories, as Shelter Charity reports today 'at least 135,000 children in Britain to be homeless this Christmas.'


Tories "The NHS is Safe in our hands" ?

Meanwhile - as Johnson is busted for his support for NHS breakup (see 148) Dominic Raab and Priti 'Smug Face' Patel co-authored a book calling for NHS privatisation.

PM, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary. Three of the top four positions in Government.


Revealed today by @bylinetimes : Not only are the Tories dependent on Russian cash to stay afloat, they're choosing to be more dependent every year on the flow.

We know who pays the piper - what tune are they calling ?


Oops. Unearthed video emerges of Boris Johnson calling for the breakup of the NHS, along with ten other examples where Boris Johnson repeated his demand.


Boris Johnson attempts to dump baggage (and colleagues) by claiming Tories Policies under various Tories Governments nothing to do with Tories Government or Tories Party.

'Wasn't me.'


Tories 'Economic Miracle' Busted ... as Manufacturers lay off workers faster than hiring for the seventh month in a row, and at an increasing rate.


With UK Child Poverty at record levels (source : UN Special Investigator on Child Poverty) Tories Morecambe MP David Morris - @davidmorrisml -
"I don't see people starving. I don't see it."


Tories Disinformation Campaign increases pace ... Fake 'websites', fake 'fact-checkers' and now Google bans EIGHT different Tory Election Adverts.


Lies, Petulance and Evasion as Boris Johnson is interviewed by Andrew Marr for the BBC. Johnson shown to have nothing but bluster and avoidance. Embarrassing.


Further revelations emerge on what Boris Johnson thinks of the working class :
drunks, criminal, aimless,feckless, hopeless, ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive, illegitimate, chavs, losers,burglars, drug addicts, criminals.


In an effort to divert criticism on his handling of the London Bridge Murders, Boris Johnson does a selective 'cut-and-paste' from a legal expert's post (without giving any credit) ... a post which was written to rebut his lies.


Local Tories in Esher lose their sh!t as the @EUflagmafia 'Stop Brexit Job' Minis park outside Dominic Raab's local party office.


Tories Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says Russia has "an inherent desire to weaken us" and "is waging a modern 'hybrid' war played out on new battlefields."

Boris Johnson : "Nothing to see here, move along."


Revealed today : Boris Johnson was PERSONALLY warned about risks of freeing terrorists ... but said there was ‘no money’ to deradicalise them'.

Meanwhile, Tories have given £12.3 Billion in tax cuts to the wealthy.


That Report on Russia Interference (read: Purchase) of Brexit and British Democracy that Boris Johnson is desperately hiding?

We were concerned already.

Now, Prof of Intelligence and Security Studies Philip Davies says 'It's even worse than you think."


In the wake of the London Bridge Murders, Tories Chris Grayling’s privatisation of Probation Service, a major contributing factor, branded ‘an unmitigated disaster’. "Public at greater risk from ex-offenders."


Priti 'Smug Face' Patel again, ambushing the awful London Bridge Murders with lies about the legislation that was in force and responsible for the terrorist's release. Busted by legal experts. And she's supposed to be the Home Secretary.

Via @zelo_street.


Priti 'Smug Face' Patel says the Rise in HateCrime in the UK ... is a ‘good thing’.


Election Campaign suspended after the London Bridge Murders, except for Tories Michael Gove who continues on regardless. Maybe he didn't get the memo.


Busted. Tories Carmarthen / Pembrokeshire Candidate Simon Hart @Simonhartmp found out 'photoshopping his own sign with a swastika' for electoral advantage. The sign itself is two years old, from his 2017 campaign, and was neither out in public view or accessible to the public


Boris 'Running Sacred' Johnson is refusing to do a Andrew Neil interview (as all other Party Leaders have done or agreed to).

In response, BBC scrap planes to invite Johnson on Andrew Marr Show on Sunday. [They later relented]


Mr Boris 'Family Values' Johnson refuses (or is unable?) to confirm how many children he has fathered, after a single mother confronted him about his past critical comments about children of single parents.


After last night's 'Ice Sculpture Gate', Downing Street officially tells Channel 4 their Broadcasting Licence may be withdrawn.

14 Points of Fascism, Number 6 : Control the Media.


Truly, genuinely embarrassing. As Boris 'Running Scared' Johnson refuses to show up at the Channel 4 Climate Change Debate - for Party Leaders only - he sent Michael Gove to try to get on. And his dad, Stanley.


Boris Johnson REFUSED to show up at the Channel 4 Leader's Climate Debate so he was replaced by an ice sculpture, as was Nigel Farage. We truly are living in surreal times.


Tories Pledge for 20,000 Extra Police Officers'' BUSTED as Home Office source confirms that latest budgeting for 2020 has *no provision* for reopening stations, accommodation, or new vehicles or new equipment / uniforms other than at 2019 rates".


Revealed: Tories Candidates issued with "Attack Manuals" on how to smear rivals specifically using false, dubious and outdated claims.


YET ANOTHER Tories Candidate suspended over AntiSemitism - this time it's nasty Amjad Bashir, ex Ukip, of course.


This Daily Mirror front page comes out, reporting documented comments by Boris 'Man of the People' Johnson on the 'working class'; "Drunk, Criminal and Feckless."


Tories BUSTED for using BBC footage in Facebook adverts, edited to distort the news reporting.

So far the Tories have delivered fake bots, a fake twitter account, a fake website, and now fake adverts.


Oops. Tories Svengali Dominic 'Short' Cummings posts keen support for research by Academic University of Sheffield’s Prof Richard Jones ... who turns out to be a Remainer who writes “Brexit will result in a period of very damaging political chaos for the UK”.


Tory Ludlow Candidate Philip Dunne forced to apologise - but will apparently not be suspended - for telling his Sikh Labour rival he was "Talking Through His Turban".


Hapless Hancock drops a truth bomb. “We had to fight to ensure NHS wasn’t on the table, and we were PARTIALLY successful.” After previously saying he wasn't aware any meetings had even happened.

Via @Rachael_Swindon.


More of that Boris Johnson's Tories getting the kind of support maybe they don't want, but truly deserve, as Climate Change Deniers and Big Oil Polluters back him to the hilt, with lots of lobbying and oodles of cash.

Via @DeSmogBlog and @BylineTimes.


Tories suspend YET ANOTHER Candidate amid yet more Anti-Muslim hate comments. This time it's Glasgow's Flora Scarabello. Too late to remove her from the ballot.


Tories Geography Fail as Dominic Raab shows up at his local hustings, he didn't even know what part of his own constituency he was in.


As Boris Johnson waters down to nothing his '''Investigation''' into Tories Islamophobia mid-campaign, Tory Peer Baroness Sayeeda Warsi says the unchallenged issue 'feels like I'm in an abusive relationship'.


Embarassing doorstep pitch for a Tories Candidate as his pre-arrangement for the 'random' encounter is caught in full on audio ...


Michael Gove finally loses it. Make of this what we will, we literally have no clue.


Tories Candidate for South Dorset, Richard Grosvenor-Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax, (clearly a man of the people) shows his Support for the Disabled by taking up not one, but two of their parking spaces. Outside a local hospital.


Johnson's Brexit Police State steps in to censor the 'Bollocks to Brexit' car outside the local Tory Party Headquarters, otherwise known as BBC Essex, - even though the word was officially deemed acceptable in public in the 1977 Sex Pistols Obscenity trial.


Not great timing for Boris, mid-election, as official NHS Digital data shows available hospital beds now at a record low in England.


Johnson probably picks the wrong town for an NHS visit, Telford. After stating categorically "we have kept the Telford A&E open, and we will ensure that it is open" it's pointed out that the Telford Local A&E is closing to 'core hours' only.


Serial Liar Boris Johnson caught out in another massive whopper. He said he’s putting "the biggest ever cash boost into the NHS.” The increase, 3.4%, is far lower than that of the Tony Blair or Gordon Brown Governments, at 6%.


More Tories Russia links exposed. Oligarch Alexander Temerko gave £64,500 personally to Party Chairman Brandon Lewis, funded over 350 Tories MPs and was deeply involved in the successful ERG coup against Theresa May.


Tories, once the 'Party of Economic Frugality' who claimed Labour would 'Spend Their Way Out' busted as economically incompetent as Official ONS Data just out shows Borrowing is now the highest in FIVE YEARS.


As Boris Johnson says he 'always over-delivers' (yes, he really said that during the Leaders Debate) Business Insider publish the embarrassingly long list of his broken promises.


Johnson's Tories get that kind of support maybe they don't want, but truly deserve, as BNP's Nick Griffin says 'Vote Conservative' ... after last week's support from David Duke of the KKK.


The Datapraxis MRP modelling predicts 7 Big Brexiteers in danger of losing seats.

Johnson looks safe, just, but Zac Goldsmith, Raab, IDS and Redwood, Baker, Philip Davies all in danger or at mercy of tactical voting. Via Michael Savage of the Observer.


Tories £250m a year pledge on Childcare busted as worthless, summing up to a weekly total of £1 per child.


Revealed : BBC colluding with Tories to smother reports in to Johnson's close ties with Russia. John Sweeney, veteran BBC investigative reporter, has turned whistleblower and filed a complaint against the corporation with Ofcom, the broadcasting watchdog.