Now Trump Wants To Ban Childbirth. Really.

Well, either the Impotus is serious or he's even more scientifically challenged than we thought.

This is what he said yesterday ...
Right now in a number of states the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother's womb in the 9th month. It is wrong. It has to change."
Yeah, he actually said that.

Okay, we understand what he meant - he's talking about abortions (which are actually not 'legal in a number of states' by the way, he's lying, of course.

He's unable to express his meaning in the way almost anybody else can. Some have pointed out that this kind of statement is a sign of onset dementia. Certainly, if he is unable to make his meaning clear to foreign leaders ... how are they to interpret ?

And chillingly ... none of his staff corrected him. Because they either fear for their positions (he fires at the drop of a hat) or, more likely, even his staff no longer listen to what he says.