Remember Nimmo ? Arrested - Again - And Charged With Terror Offences

Another Far Right Terrorist - 45 for the year - and this time, one we know well.

John Nimmo charged with three terror offences and multiple other charges;

  • Possessing a document likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism;
  • Publishing or distributing a terrorist publication;
  • Encouraging Terrorism;
  • Stirring up Racial Hatred;
  • Breaching a Criminal Behaviour Order

Far Right Watch assisted (with proof of online identification) to put John Nimmo in jail the last time.

Back during the last investigation into John Nimmo, police were struggling to prove a connection between him and one of the accounts he used for his vilest hatred, threats and targeted harassment.

We were told the CPS 'would not proceed' with what they had.

Far Right Watch were able to clarify details of the account in question, which lead to an extension of the time for investigation, in which we were also able to unmask two other accounts he used.

On the back of this, Police found several other accounts - and convinced the CPS this was enough to prosecute. They agreed.

Nimmo pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years and three months in jail.

We have taken no part in this more recent investigation, indeed, he was totally off our radar and these latest charges were a surprise as much to us as it was probably to him

I spoke personally to Nimmo last year, when he claimed he'd 'left all that behind'.

When he came back on Twitter after his release, FRW ID'd him and had some conversations online, and then in person.

I was interested to see how his views had changed, if at all. He deemed himself 'rehabilitated'.
I dunno what, er, why I was doing these, er, stuff, these things.
It's not me, really. I'm not what they portrayed in the trial, I'm not racist at all.
Even if I was, that's all behind me now.  I regret it.

- John Nimmo, 2018.

Clearly not, John. Another of those fine examples of Aryan Superiority ...