The Brexit Party's Bigoted Buckley, Busted

It's always interesting when a Candidate, once announced, shuts down his or her personal Facebook page. It's a sure sign that he/she chose to, or were told to, by the Party.

The Brexit Party's James Buckley wasn't fast enough.

We note that the superlative standard of Candidate ''Vetting'' by Ukip (i.e., none) has neatly transferred over to the Brexit Party unaltered.

Buckley was one of James Goddard's ''crew'' when he was verbally assaulting Anna Soubry, for which he was convicted. Buckley was also proudly alongside Far Right Terrorist Inciter Stephen Yaxley-Lennon - aka 'Tommy Robinson' at the Euro elections count - the one where Yaxley's support was so miniscule it rivalled the Higgs Boson particle.

But his Facebook posts show the wide range of this bigotry. Here's a choice example, where he runs the gamut of ...

  • Defence of Fascist Mosley;
  • AntiSemitism;
  • Defence of Hitler & Holocaust;
  • AntiSemitism;
  • AntiSemitism;
  • Conspiracy Theorist;
  • Defence of Hitler.