Tory Campaign Manager Fakes Data To Blame Homelessness on Foreigners

We've written before about the copious lies of Tory self-styled 'Campaign Manager' Thea Dickinson. Today she unveils her latest, xenophobic falsehood. She's determined that lying for a living will get her a job with the Party. In the end, it probably will.

Today the House of Commons Library released "Housing: Raising Quality and Supply".
There was a 169% increase in rough sleeping recorded in England 2010-2017 – one of the consequences of the backlog of unmet housing need.
Thea's response ? To invent a number.
60% of rough sleepers are not British.
.. to which she added, for some reason, a smiley face.

Surely a Tories 'Campaign Manager' wouldn't invent a statistic from thin air to point the blame for Homelessness away from her own Party, towards 'foreigners' ?

Surely ?

Oh. She did. She did exactly that.

Thea, of course, has had shall we say, 'issues', with school-level History, simple Geography and basic Mathematics in the past, although we often thought that on those occasions it was down to wilful misinterpretation on her part, or perhaps just a lack of education. We can't recall offhand when she's actually invented data from scratch, as now.

On the matter of Homelessness, I am involved - daily - with these most vulnerable persons. The project I volunteer for keeps data on nationality for such clarification. In the last two years, 11% of our Project Guests were non-UK born.

That's in the outer suburbs of London. It might be higher in more central London - it certainly is far, lower in the regions.

There is no data, no report, no organisation, no review or survey, that backs up her number - or even comes close to it.

So it seems the Tories Mantra for 2019 has been officially unveiled.

"For every problem, there is way to blame immigrants for it."