Stand Up To Racism Halt 'Fireside Reading of Mussolini'

A superb turnout of Antifascist Protestors in Vauxhall, London tonight as the 'Tea House Theatre' were forced to cancel their 'Fireside Evening with Mussolini'.

They had planned readings from the Italian Fascist's books along with other works by notable Fascists such as Alfredo Rocco, Mussolini's Justice Minister and architect of the political side of Fascism, alongside works by Giovanni Gentile, self-styled "philosopher' and co-writer of Mussolini's 'Doctrine'.

The event was planned to be held just 24 hours before Holocaust Memorial Day. Stand Up To Racism and various other anti-racist groups thought otherwise.

Owner Hal Iggulden,
'has form'.
By 8.00pm, when it was due to start, the doors were locked and the lights were off, as the owners, including fervent Brexiteer Hal Iggulden, author of 'The Dangerous Book For Boys', decided to cancel the event.

The Event Flyer
There was a strong police presence, from 2 officers earlier to about two dozen later on, as a group of masked AntiFa, unconnected with the official Stand Up To Racism Event, used more 'progressive' tactics of blocking the doors to the Theatre.

A few scuffles ensued, which were quickly dealt with police. Generally, policing was friendly, good natured and restrained.

At the event Stuart King of Dulwich and West Norwood Labour Party stated that it was
"absolutely scandalous that this 'Fascist Reading' is due to take place.
Author and Historian Louise Raw commented ...
A fireside evening of Fascist Literature - you might think we're hearing both sides but the owner 'has form' for this. It's not just a one off theatrical event, its something very, very nasty that we need to fight. It's also absolutely disgusting that this is happening the day before Holocaust Remembrance Day. It's deliberate provocation.
The protest was organised by Stand Up To Racism

There was some scuffles on the night, involving an unidentified group. Quickly dealt with.