Turns Out Cricketer Kevin Pietersen Is A Bit Of An Arrogant Fascist

Kevin Pietersen, the former cricketer who played for England but all the while declared categorically he was South African, has walked into a bit of a storm after demanding people 'zip it' on criticism of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump.

Seems a bit ... I dunno, Fascist-lite ?

That there should be no criticism of national leaders, their politics, or their party ? Pietersen, of course, grew up in Apartheid-era South Africa, and perhaps he misses the 'glory days' when surpression of dissent was the watchword in his native land.

He left South Africa, of course (as freely admitted in his own book) after voicing his displeasure at what he said was the 'racial quota system' in South African cricket. Too many black players getting through.

Pietersen posted these two items :

and ...

So there you go. Apparently if you have a opinion and it differs somewhat from the leadership you should 'Keep it zipped!"

Not, of course, that Pietersen has ever done so. Ever. He's always been FULL of opinions, even on his leaders, and has never been backward in expressing them.

Pietersen, I know your beloved South Africa has a long and sad history of supressing political resistance - but here in the UK we believe in something different. Like being freely able to criticise a Racist, Mysogynist Serial Liar.

"Keep it zipped" ? How very Fascist. Stay in South Africa. And keep your opinions to yourself.